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Assessment and Treatment of Autism using CBT Psychotherapy

SunShine Therapy is a unique service in that it offers state of the art Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)  to individuals who happen to have an autism spectrum disorder. Many people are familiar with the concept of ABA therapy for autism, though very little is often shared about the effectiveness of CBT. Here at SunShine Therapy we specialize in using CBT with individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, a service that is often sadly hard to find.


SunShine Therapy's goal is to provide these vital services to a population that deserves to be treated. 


SunShine Therapy also has a broader goal to train and teach mental health workers this vitally important treatment so that many more people can be effectively helped.


CBT Psychotherapy for Autism

More detail coming soon

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Life Skills Psychotherapy

More detail coming soon

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Parent Education

More detail coming soon

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Special Education Advocacy and Education

More detail coming soon

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"My child actually enjoys going to school now thanks to SunShine Therapy"

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